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About Changing World 

Changing World was created as a practical resource for people and families who are concerned about some of the significant changes happening in the world right now.  

For people who know they should be better prepared for the unexpected but need to balance that with the needs and wants of their current lifestyle.  

It is for people who are tired of negative headlines and don’t believe in spreading fear, yet are aware of the many challenges we face.  

It is about being adaptable, resilient, prepared and optimistic in the face of extreme weather, climate change, environmental issues, an unstable and changing economy and more.  

To many, this is overwhelming. Changing World is here to simplify it and make the game plan realistic.   

To break the work and learning down into small steps that build over time and compound like interest. We have some high leverage tricks as well to help you take a few leaps off forward along the way. 

To help you build confidence and peace of mind that you are doing your best to set yourself and family up for success in an unpredictable world.  

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So how do we support you in this? Check out the start here page 

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This is done by  

Simplifying complex issues and breaking them down to the core knowledge you need to make the right decisions.  

Providing education and learning opportunities relevant to your life and preparedness needs.  

Helping you make a strategy that is broken up into small, actionable steps that fit within the realities of your present life.  And most important, staying positive and rooted in nature.  

About Chris Gilmour, Founder, main author and lead instructor

When I was in my early twenties (early 2000’s), I was angry and frustrated by the state of the world. I  was also humbled when I ventured into the woods to learn to live off the land and realized how little I actually knew about the intricacies of nature.  

I spent my childhood camping, going to boy scouts and even studied ecology and forestry in college, only to realize that our western approach to learning about nature is just the tip of the iceberg.  

To be resilient, adaptable human beings as well as good stewards of the earth,, there was so much more. I became obsessed with the study of ecology, survival, and self-reliance. This sent me on the adventure of a lifetime.  

I traveled across continents learning and exploring. Ventured into the deep wilderness to learn survival and ecology and spent 8 years guiding remote wilderness canoe trips and dog sledding expeditions. I Learned to track wildlife and people and read the subtle story of nature.  

I Apprenticed in permaculture and how to grow my own food. Studied herbal medicine and remote back-country first aid. Started my own modern-day homestead with my wife. And help build a non-for-profit youth organization to help reconnect kids and people back to the land, their senses and full human potential, the p.i.n.e. project. 

With a desire to bridge all I had learned from practicing risk management, survival and studying natural ecosystems, I wanted to now use this to face some of the significant challenges I saw facing the modern world.  

This led me back to school to study Emergency & Disaster Management where I began a new journey in emergency and disaster planning and consulting. I have helped run disaster exercises and training for municipal governments, the private industries and one of my passions, summer camps, and outdoor-based program. 

You can learn more about consulting services and workshops in emergency preparedness here.  

If you would like to see a more formal summary of my resume and experience – Click Here – 



  • Working towards “Emergency Management” & “Incident Management” Certificates through George Brown College with classes already completed in: Emergency Planning (plan writing), Emergency Exercise Design, Crisis Communication, Build Disaster Resilient Communities, Terrorism and more.  
  • Volunteering in mock EOC for disaster simulation exercises at the International Conference on Disaster Management 
  • IMS 100 Certificate Through Emergency Management Ontario (EMO) 
  • Basic Emergency Management (BEM) Certificate through EMO 
  • Wilderness First Responder – Advanced Remote Wilderness First Aid (80 hr course) 
  • Ice Rescue Course through Wilderness Medical Associates 
  • Certified Level 3 Wild Track & Sign Interpretation through Cyber Tracker International 
  • Herbal Medic Academy – Herbal Medic & Emergent Responders Course 


Many courses in advanced wilderness travel & survival including schools such as: Tom Brown Jr & The Tracker School, Jon Young & The Wilderness Awareness School, Maine Primitive Skills School and many more. 

Forestry Technician Diploma 


Emergency Management & Training INC 

  • Emergency Management Consultant & Instructor 
  •  Conducting emergency & disaster simulations for private organizations, hospitals, government organizations & municipalities 
  •  Facilitating workshops in hazard and risk preparedness and management 


Changing World 

Researching and writing relavent blog and video content on emergency preparedness, self-reliant living and naturalist education 

Providing live workshops in Wilderness, Urban & Disaster Survival Skills 

Subcontracted teaching services in Wilderness Survival Skills and Ecology 


The p.i.n.e. project 

Writing policy and providing staff training in emergency preparedness and response 

  • Conducting adult training in survival skills and ecological education  


Sir Sanford Fleming College 

  • Professor in ecology, wildlife tracking and outdoor skills 

Backcountry Wilderness Guide 

12 years experience guiding backcountry and remote wilderness expeditions for reputable companies such as: Outward Bound Canada, Snow Forest Adventures, Northern Tier Outfitters, Choc Paw Expeditions, MHO Outfitters and more.  

  • Hands on experience navigating backcountry risk and responding to incidents such as conducting search and rescue and first aid and remote wilderness evacuation.  


Homesteading: Growing Food & Medicine 

  • Established an active “modern day” homestead in 2010  
  • Raise honeybees and chickens 
  • Practice permaculture, forest gardening and grow edible mushrooms 
  • Grow a plethora of organic food and herbs for medicine 
  • Wild forage food and medicine from the surrounding forests