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Sep 30

Getting Started in Personal & Family Disaster Preparedness – Part 1

By Chris Gilmour | Disaster Survival , Prepared Lifetyle

​Getting Started in ​Personal & Family Disaster Preparedness

​Personal and ​Family Disaster preparedness can be an overwhelming topic. I hope to simplify it and make it actionable for you in the next couple of posts. 
​The other day, someone asked me, “How do you sleep at night when you’re always thinking about climate change, disasters, and emergency preparedness? I get so overwhelmed, I don’t want to even think about it.”

Feeling the weight from considering family disaster preparedness
My answer was this: “I’m not worried about the future because I’m not JUST thinking about it. I am TAKING ACTION and doing things to set me and my community up for success. I’d be a lot more worried if I was pretending things weren’t changing and ignoring them."
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Sep 05

6 Lessons from Hurricane Irma & Harvey in Preparing for Natural Disasters & Climate Change

By Chris Gilmour | Disaster Survival , Extreme Weather

Want the key points? - Scroll to the 6 -  "What We Can Do Now.." Sections 

As I write this, my Facebook feed and every major news station is full of stories of all the "extreme" weather events happening simultaneously around the world. Hurricane Irma & Hurricane Harvey have just occurred. People are ruthlessly debating whether or not it is caused by climate change. 
​I see people so frustrated and fed up ​with the state world ​that it is either starting to boil over or leave them frozen in their tracks. ​Some people are becoming depressed​ and others choose to ignore ​everything ​and stick their heads in the sand. Tension are high and many are starting to fight ​ each other in the streets and on the computer, quickly passing blame on others they likely know little about.  ​
​And some people are CHOOSING to be truly COURAGEOUS & PROACTIVE in these changing times. It is in this spirit ​I write this blog. I hope you find it inspiring and actionable. Enjoy!

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