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Oct 22

Top Apps To Help You & Your Family Stay Safe & Prepared

By Chris Gilmour | Disaster Survival , Prepared Lifetyle

SCROLL DOWN to go directly to the list of top emergency preparedness apps or check out the intro video (differnt information than the blog post) or read the whole post to get the most!

​In today's post, we are going to look at ​my top 10 apps for emergency preparedness. These could be incredibly helpful and even save someone's life in the event of an emergency or disaster. ​
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Oct 13

10 Lessons We Can All Learn From The Recent String of Natural Disasters…

By Chris Gilmour | Disaster Survival , Extreme Weather

​I had the great fortune of conducting an interview with Emily Ruff from the Florida School of Holistic Living and the Herbal Action Network. Emily was in Orlando, Florida during Hurricane Irma. We spoke in the days before the storm and again the week after about her lessons in disaster preparedness and community resiliency.
​During our conversation, we debriefed her experience and all the lessons that came from it. ​The intent was for her, myself and you, to be able to learn from her experience and implement these lessons proactively into our own lives.

This blog is a summary of 10 lessons from our conversation.
Enjoy AND… Take Action!
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Oct 05

Manifesto for Adapting to Climate Change & a Changing World

By Chris Gilmour | Climate Change , Prepared Lifetyle

    ** Warning: The next three paragraphs recap recent world events. They may at first seem pessimistic ​or heavy, this is not AT ALL the intent. Their is a need for ALL of us to create climate change adaption strategies for ​our lives and communities. Please stick around until paragraph four, when I shift to staying optimistic, proactive, and helping you in taking steps that can make a difference in your personal safety and world outlook.**

​Adapting to Climate Change & a Changing World

​     I wonder if you can relate to this? Over the past week, friends, family members, people I have never met, even high school mates I have not spoken with in close to twenty years have been asking for my thoughts. How can they can be better prepared in an unpredictable and not-so-stable world? Are people in your community or family asking these questions yet?
climate change adaption needs to start now
The planet has experienced a string of major natural & human caused disasters. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria; two massive earthquakes in Mexico; record-breaking monsoons in India and Nepal, out-of-control wildfire fires; (and next to some of the indigenous massacres) the largest mass shooting in the United States to date in Las Vegas.  ​
These stories have been dominating the news one after the other and are ​happening in our communities. On top of all this, it feels like there is a rising domestic divide ​and increase in civil unrest. In North America & Europe we have a vocal Alt-Right movement taking to the streets. They are clashing with anti-racism protesters. Riots are happening across the United States as a result of inequality. NFL players are protesting the United States National Anthem (symbolically, this is a big deal in the context of the greater narrative). As if this were not enough, we also have world leaders and the media speaking about the threat of Nuclear War. It’s no wonder that many people are feeling on edge.

If these and other recent events have you on edge, or feeling overwhelmed, then I write this blog for you.
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